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What is Internship eCareer Fair for International Baccalaureate (IB) ?

This is an internship platform created for IB students in Singapore aged 16 to 19 studying in MYP/DP/CP. Students can apply for an internship programme through this platform. This will be a great opportunity for students to gain knowledge and experience on their career of interest.

We invite all interested students to apply for an 'entry level' internship programme offered by a wide range of employers.


What can you do in this Internship eCareer Fair?

The Internship eCareer Fair allows jobseekers to access and apply related internships. In addition, there are various functions available that can assist you to stand out among other applicants as follows:

  • Register as a jobseeker. 
  • Upload your resume or create your own resume.
  • Apply for an internship job you are interested in.


How long is the duration for this Internship eCareer Fair?

The Internship eCareer Fair is from 25 June 2018 – 31 December 2018.


Where can I register for a jobseeker account?

Login to to register for a jobseeker account.


Who can apply for the jobs at this Internship eCareer Fair?

The Internship eCareer Fair is open to IB students aged 16 to 19 studying MYP/DP/CP in Singapore


How will I know my interview status and if I’m being shortlisted?

You will be receiving a schedule interview email invite from the employer. Follow the steps mentioned in the email to accept / reject the interview.


I have not heard from any company. What should I do?

After submitting your internship application, do allow 2-4 weeks for companies to contact you. Failing which, you may want to look for other internship via other channels.